Company Profile

PT. Karya Lintas Nusa Sejati (PT. KLNS) is a transportation Management Service Company, namely the integrated cargo services by using combination mode of transport both Land, Sea, and Air which door to door starting with Pick-up, Storage, up to delivery. With the aim of helping the smooth operations of both companies and business people individuals effectively and efficiently, each service provided PT. Karya Lintas Nusa Sejati (PT. KLNS) package as whole in One Service Center Concept so that not only provide convenience but also able to provide service which can increase the “Supply Chain” and provide a more competitive advantage in the concept of “Supply Chain Management”. Supported with all our partners and trained human resource and tested placed PT. Karya Lintas Nusa Sejati (PT. KLNS) as a corporate Service Provider Transportation service are complete, reliable and trustworthy